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You are probably apprehensive about the fees that you will have to pay for an attorney's services. This is natural.

Your attorneys fees will be discussed with you at your free consultaion. Because every case is different, it is impossible to list fees here without fully discussing your case. There are some things you should know about your fees:

-Fees are based on the charges, the stage of the case, and the amount of work expected.

-Fees are usually quoted on a flat-fee basis. Therefore you will know up front how much you will have to pay.

-Our fees have been considered very reasonable by clients and attorneys alike. We are not the cheapest around. But you will get the most for your money. We strive to charge a reasonable fee for the work and expertise you will receive. Quite often, paying more for a better lawyer will actually SAVE you money in the long run. This happens through enhanced plea agreements, possibly getting lower fines, reduced charges, or possible dismissals or not guilty verdicts.

-Your initial fee will retain Mr. Biederman to handle all court appearances, any motion hearings (other than motions to suppress), etc. Additional costs will occur if your case is set for trial or other major contested hearings.

- If experts or investigators are hired, the client will pay for those services on top of the legal fees.

-Payment plans may be accepted.

-We accept credit cards.

- If you have already retained Mr. Biederman and you owe a fee, you can click HERE to make a payment by credit card.

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