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Hunter Biederman has extensive knowledge in the area of criminal law. Mr. Biederman is a frequent lecturer on criminal defense and and often utilized as an expert by news authorities. Mr. Biederman has been featured on local CBS, ABC, and CW newscasts. In addition his work has been featured on CNN Justice. Mr. Biederman was recently named a Super Lawyers Rising Star by Super Lawyers magazine and awarded the prestigious "2012 Litigator of the Year Award" presented by the Collin County Bench Bar Foundation.

Before continuing his career as a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Biederman was a Felony Prosecutor and Chief Misdemeanor Prosecutor with the Collin County District Attorney's Office. As a Felony Prosecutor, Mr. Biederman handled all types of criminal cases including Murder, Assault, DWI, Drugs (Possession and Delivery), White Collar Crime, and every other type of crime imaginable. One of Mr. Biederman's Murder trials was featured on the front page of the Dallas Morning News' Metro Page, and the front page of the McKinney Courier-Gazette. Mr. Biederman is considered by his peers, a top-notch trial attorney.

As a Chief Misdermeanor Prosecutor, Mr. Biederman was responsible for a caseload of over 2,600 pending cases, and the oversight and training of other newly hired attorneys. Mr. Biederman's court handled all plea bargaining, revocations of probation, and between 1-4 trials per week.

Mr. Biederman earned his Bachelor of Arts from University of Florida in Criminology with Honors. He subsequently received his J.D. cum laude from the University of Florida School of Law, graduating in the top 25% of his class. While in law school, Mr. Biederman served as the Managing Editor of the Journal of Technology Law & Policy, as well as a member of the Criminal Law Association. Mr. Biederman is admitted to practice in all state and local courts in Texas. Mr. Biederman is also admitted to practice in Federal Court, such as the US Northern District Court of Texas, and the US Eastern District Court of Texas.

The law is constantly changing. Mr. Biederman believes strongly in staying up to date with current laws and legal trends. Below are just some of the continuing legal education courses that Mr. Biederman has taken:

- Search Warrants and Discovery in Criminal Cases
- Beyond Eye Contact: Persuasive Presentation Skills for Lawyers
- Ethical Considerations Regarding New Referral Fee Rules
- Federal Litigation: No Need to Make It a Federal Case
- 2005 Advanced Criminal Law
- Supreme Court Update
- Texas Court of Appeals Update
- Legislative Update
- Defenses
- Pretrial Motions: State
- Insanity, Incompetency and Mental Retardation
- Opening Statements
- Ethics
- Search & Seizure
- Confessions
- Juvenile Law, Including Arrest & Confession Issues
- Voir Dire: The Law and the Limits
- Voir Dire: Technique
- Jury Charges
- Fifth Circuit Update
- Experts
- Extraneous Offenses
- Advanced Hearsay (and Crawford)
- Punishment Evidence
- State Sentencing Alternatives
- Immigration Consequences
- Practicing in a Post 9/11 World
- Preservation of Error
- Appellate Rules
- State Court Writs
- Brief Writing & Effective Appellate Advocacy
- Ineffective Assistance of Counsel
- Ethical Issues for the Prosecution: Brady & Beyond
- Capital Cases: Prosecution Perspective
- Capital Cases: Defense Perspective
- Sex Offenses
- Family Violence
- Cross Examination & Impeachment
- Final Argument
- DWI Statutes
- DWI Prosecution Perspective
- DWI Blood & Breath
- 2006 Juvenile Law Conference
- Past, Present, & Future of Juvenile Law
- Police Interactions with Juvenile Law
- Collaborative Responses in Addressing Disproportionality
- Legislative Update: Title III
- Relational Poverty in Childhood: How Maltreatment can lead to Delinquency
- Inter-County Transfer of Probation Supervision
- Special Education Overview
- Detention Hearings
- Charging Decisions
- Dispositions and Modifications
- Ethics: Ethical Pitfalls of Juvenile Practice
- Sealing of Records
- Interstate Compact
- Case Law Update
- Eithics: Ethical Perils of Representing the Juvenile Defendant Who May Be
- 2004 Advanced Criminal Law
- Grand Jury Investigations and Privileges
- Pretrial Motions - Federal and State
- Voir Dire
- Opening Statements
- Advanced Defenses
- Punishment Phase
- Final Arguments
- Immigration Consequences
- Sentencing Alternatives
- Ineffective Assistance
- Preservation of Error
- Experts / Daubert
- Extraneous Evidence
- Advanced Hearsay
- Special Issues in Obtaining Electronic Evidence
- Cross Examination and Impeachment
- Eyewitness ID
- DWI Statutes
- DWI Prosecution
- DWI Blood and Breath
- Guns, Drugs, and Aliens
- Computer Crimes Issues
- Sex Offenses
- Ethics
- Opening/Closing/Statements
- Dynamics of Domestic Violence
- Investigation & Prosecution of Intoxication Manslaughter
- 2004 Texas Homicide Symposium
- 2005 Texas Homicide Symposium
- Anatomy of a Child Serial Killer
- 2004 Judicial Reception
- A Guide to the Basics of Law Practice
- Child Sex Abuse
- DWI / Intoxication Manslaughter Seminar
- Kinematics and Dynamics of Crash Reconstruction
- Crash Reconstruction Methodologies
- Technical Investigation & Computer Aided Reconstruction
- The Effects of Alcohol on Driving Abilities
- Intoxication Manslaughter Case Law Update
- The Charging Decision & Causation
- Using Technology - In & Out of the Courtroom
- A View From the Defense
- SFST's: Challenges & Responses
- Forensic Toxicology - Myths of Blood & Breath Testing
- Crash Data Retrieval
- Mandatory Blood Draws
- Issues In Jury Selection
- Cross of Expert Witnesses
- Expert Witness Roundtable
- Working With Hospitals: Blood Evidence & Medical Records
- Caselaw Update (Attended numerous updates)
- 2004 Prosecutor Trial Skills Course
- What Jurors Want
- Case Preparation & Discovery
- Effective Jury Selection
- The Nuts & Bolts of DWI Jury Selection
- Jury Selection After Standifer
- Jury Selection Roundtable - Challenges For Cause
- Arrest Search & Seizure
- Motions To Suppress: Identification Hearings & Confessions
- Motions To Suppress - Case Scenarios
- Prosecuting Domestic Violence Cases
- Effective Opening Statements
- DWI Case Law Update
- The Effects of Alcohol on Driving Abilities
- Cross-Examination & Impeachment
- Cross-Examination of the Defense Expert
- Probation Revocations
- Punishment Evidence
- Final Argument
- Ethical Pitfalls in the Practice of Law

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